Today we will have a date with 2 lady Benchmark WODS!  Come out and test your fitness against Grace and Helen! These are great benchmarks to test and retest to see how you improve while on your fitness journey. 




30 Clean and Jerks for time 135/95
*Scaling options- Lower weight/20 Reps/ Med Ball Clean and Thruster



-Rest 7 Mins-




3 Rounds for time:
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35
12 Pull-ups

*Scaling options, lighter Kettlebell, ring rows or Banded pull ups.

**Record your individual times for each event**


For those of you that are sore from allll those wall balls the other day this workout will help flush out that lactic acid, trust me.  Go light and move your body, your weekend will thank you for it.

E2MOM for 16 mins
Clean complex @ 60% of 1RM C&J
1 Power Clean
1 Hang Clean
1 High Hang clean +Jerk

40% of 1RM Back Squat
Back Squat from the ground
Ab-mat Sit up

*Scale weight if needed, you should be able to do at least the first set in a set of 10 and 11 or 1 giant set*


Athletes, your WOD today is only 20 double unders, for those of you that always skip DU’s in a WOD and go right to the singles today is a great day to give them a shot, you will never master this skill if you don’t make yourself try them even for a few rounds.

Push Press
work up to 80% of 1RM then do
3×3 add 5 lbs and do 1X3

30 kettlebell swings 53/35
20 DUs
Run 400 meters


Snatch Complex:
5 rounds of
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Power Snatch
1 Snatch
Add weight as needed
*There is no prescribed weight on your snatch complex so you can focus on technique and not worry about the weight on the bar*

3 rounds for time
15-cal. row
12 power snatches 95/65
9 burpees

Farewell Daniel

This time I mean it, THIS is the final farewell of the summer of 17′ PCS season.  Daniel will be returning to his family in Hawaii this month.  Daniel has not been with us long but his improvements have been fast and furious.  Daniel came to us as an avid, I mean AVID runner.  If he is not with us in the gym he is running a Spartan Race or with the Seoul Flyers running around Seoul or meal prepping and making us all envious of his culinary skills.


There was no question when Daniel showed up that he was fit and FAST but would CrossFit be able to improve his running or his PT scores?  Of course, we knew the answer was yes but I don’t think he was so sure until he blew his PT test out of the freaking water!  If 300 is a perfect score I think he would have score 337, literally (and yes, I am using that word right)!  With all of that go, go go, some coaches wondered if he would be able to slow down enough to control the barbell.  To our surprise, Daniel could move the barbell pretty well!  He may have some tight hips from alllll of that running, but he would still beat every single one of us in a race.  Every new skill we introduced he attacked with the same intensity as his next race.  When most people see handstand push ups for the first time they question whether or not they can even hold a handstand, not Daniel!  He was happy to kick right up against the wall and give it a shot!

What we will miss most about him is his genuine enthusiasm for life. If you are celebrating a birthday, promotion, fitness milestone, ANYTHING Daniel wants that celebration to be as special as it can be while on a foreign peninsula far away from family.   He’s the first to RSVP to an event outside the gym, the 1st to sign up for someone else’s non-CrossFit related function to show support and the 1st to eat 27 donuts if that’s what you want on your 27th birthday!  We know your family will be excited to have you back and that you are eagerly waiting to return to Hawaii but we here at Fight Tonight will surely have a hard time replacing the energy void that will be left by your absence.


Keep training, work on that mobility, run hard, run fast.  Aloha

4 rounds of Tabata Sit-up
Rest 30 seconds
4 Rounds of Tabata Leg lifts
Rest 30 seconds
4 Rounds of Tabata Hollow Hold

Daniel’s Farewell WOD
1,000M Run
3 rounds of
20 KBS 53/35
10 OHS 75/55
20 DU’s
Then 1,000M Run

Be More Human!

Today we are teaming up with the Reebok Be More Human Project! To prove that the gym is everywhere we will be leaving post and meeting the team at the ‘secret gym’ at 9 AM.  In order to be there in time Fight Tonight will meet at the Kimchi Pot gate at 8 AM to walk to the Hyatt OR meet at the Pagoda in front of the Hyatt at 8:20 to make our way to the ‘secret gym’.  We will be leaving the Pagoda promptly at 8:20 there will be no waiting for late comers.

This event is kid friendly for kids 11 and older and dogs are welcome as well.  Be advised that this is a hike, strollers are not allowed.

Looking forward to getting out of the gym!