170530- Welcome Back!

Athletes, Welcome back from a long weekend! We hope you enjoyed some time away from the gym. Your back squats should be a borderline metcon, the first 2X10 will be with an empty bar for everyone. You 4X8 Should start at about 40% of your 1RM and your weight increases each round should be small, 5-10 lbs. You should be powering through these and able to complete all reps in 25 mins.

Back Squat

KBS 53/35
Wall ball 20/14
Pull ups
*TC 20 Mins


Athletes- We will be closed for Memorial Day Weekend SATURDAY-MONDAY.  Ge outside and enjoy friends, family, and this city.

Push Press- 3X5, 3X3
Push Jerk- 3X5, 3X3

3 Rounds for time
400 M Run
25 M Front Rack Lunge 96/65
5 Bar Muscle Ups

Farewell Leila and Sheree

How do we even begin to say good-bye to these two?!

Leila came to us just over 1 year ago and became a regular in our 9 AM class.  This one time Zumba instructor and mom of 2 decided she wanted to change up her fitness routine and braved the May fundamentals class. Her first workout was with an 8lb KBS and an 8lb Wallball.  In under one year, she went from struggling with that intro workout to back squatting nearly 200 LBS, deadlifting almost 300, Power cleaning 100 lbs and doing KBS with 35lbs (see, this is why we track our progress so you can look back at where you started!)!  Leila did her first CrossFit open and competed in GirlFit here in Seoul proving that the change in her fitness routine is less of a change and more of her new lifestyle. Her fitness journey has been as inspiring to watch as her dance moves!  We will be waiting for more Fitness Marshall videos from Texas 😉

Sheree came to us almost a year ago and quickly became a fixture of the strong cats of the 9 AM class.  This mom of 2 was looking to get her pre-baby body back.  I think we can all agree she has done that and more, all while bringing her A game with her gym fashion.  Sheree is the kind of athlete that just needs that little push, she doesn’t know how good she actually is until she gets out of her own way.  In less than a year, Sheree has been able to flawlessly master double-unders, string together pull-up after pull-up, (although watch out because she likes to get a running start on that first one ;)) and make huge gains on the barbell.  She competed in her first local team competition at GirlFit and did her first CrossFit Open all the while putting us to shame with her matching headbands, leggings, and tanks.  She doesn’t just look good, she works hard too!

Both of you girls will be missed.  We love that we were able to be your first CrossFit family and look forward to watching you continue your fitness journey.

Sheree and Leila Going Away WOD
Teams of 2:
3 rounds for time
50 Wallball
20 Pull up
10 Bear Complex 105/75
200 DU
*Athletes must divide work evenly


Don’t forget the viewing party for the Pacific Regionals at Wolfhound, information on the Facebook invite here
Coaches choice of core work

For Time
50 Wall Ball 20/14 buy-in
4 Rounds
10 Burpee Box Jumps
25 M Bear Crawl
800 M Run
*Time Starts at the 1st wall ball and ends after the last 800M run.