150804 Tuesday 0900 & 1800 & 1915


I owe you the next 6 weeks of training.  Hoping to finish it today.  Once it is posted I will let you know so you can see what is in store.  There are slight tweaks I am adding.  You will see!

We will be doing something a little different in this workout for those that don’t have Bar Muscle Ups. You will do the transitions to work the movement pattern.

Ring Muscle Up Transitions:

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
5 Minute AMRAP
4 Lengths of the PITT
4 Kips on the bar (increase the closing the shoulder with each rep)
10 Airsquats

Front Squat
5 @ 60%
5 @ 70%
5 @ 80%

2 Rounds
20 Ring Muscle Up Transitions
Farmers Carry KB 53/35 50 meters
10 Dbl Kettlebell Front Squats

4 Rounds
3 Bar Muscle Ups
Farmers Carry KB 70/53
10 Dbl Kettlebell Front Squats

Cash Out: 3 x 10 GHD Situps

150730 Thursday 0900 & 1800 & 1915


So as I usually say at all fundamentals classes, “There are usually two types of people that come here. People that are small and want to get big or who are big and want to get small.”

How do you do this?  Greg Glassman has postulated a specific diet.  This is not hard.  If you want to lose weight/gain weight you need to basically do the same thing.  Eat meats, vegetables, seeds, nuts, little starch and no sugar and this metabolic change will boost whatever it is you want to happen.  How can I say this?  Across the 10,000 plus affiliates world wide the best athletes and the ones making the greatest gains are eating this simple diet.

“If it is in the aisles of the grocery store don’t eat it.”

If the majority of the food you eat is located in a box I can with very good accuracy say your belt line is a little wider than it should be.  On the other end of the spectrum if you are a ‘hard gainer’ you probably are not getting the right food and it is still probably the same situation…you’re eating crap in a box.

“We see somebody, they come in, their hitting the workouts with a good bit of intensity, they make gains, they make gains, they make gains, they plateau they regress”

You don’t need a fancy weight scale for food.  You don’t need to measure your macros and most of all you don’t need to count your calories.  If you think the key to losing weight it counting calories then you will most likely cut too much and feel like crap and not come to CrossFit so don’t count your calories for CrossFits sake!

Below Derek Weida eludes to this.  Just eat real food…at the end of the video he says “look this shit is just really not that hard.”  He is right and you may take offense to this.  If you do please look at the past month and how much processed awesome tasting breakfast burritos and fried potatoes you take in.  And fried sweet potatoes are not healthy…stop it.

With that being said I am with Weida at the end of this video.  If you are honestly having issues losing weight/gaining weight lets tackle this issue together!

Jared – FTCF

Coaches Choice!

150729 Wednesday 0900 & 1800 & 1915


Your MWR mandatory payments are going to good use. We have ordered a little bit of equipment; speed ropes, gymnastics hand guards, some body bands for pushups(you’ll see) and some fractional plates for all your PR needs!

Also in the works are something to attach rings to. We need another solution outside of using the structure next to the field. If any of you have any advice or recommendations that you would like to see in the program let me know.

Enjoy your Cleans, Bench and Overhead Squats!

Jared – FTCF

CrossFit Total 2
Clean 1-1-1
Bench 1-1-1
Overhead Squat 1-1-1


150728 Tuesday 0900 & 1800 & 1915


The 2015 CrossFit Games have some to a close in Carson, California! Some big upsets and some big heavy events also. There is definite obvious understanding amongst the community that everyone is getting stronger. Exponentially stronger. The amount of work able to be done by these athletes and by you has gone through the roof. It is indicative that hard work gets huge results.

These huge jumps can be seen here in FTCF when we compared the scores of 15.2 and 14.2 (C2B and Overhead squats). Some of us increased 400%…Talking about Adam Anderson who went from 33 reps in 14.2 to 127 Reps in 15.2. This is not by accident. Adam has been working his ass off. Waking up early, coming to later classes and sometimes putting in 2-a-Days.

A lot of you have very specific goals. Adams was to do as well as humanly possible on the Open which consisted of very broad goals that he trained for.

Put something on your 50 meter target and start inching yourself to it. If you remember Cheyenne, 3 years ago Cheyenne could not get one pullup but she wanted it. Her and some others trained hard. Until she got her first pullup, now she does 9 strict, has complete both bar and ring muscleups and is working on other areas.

This is a journey and must be viewed as one. Your ability is in direct proportion with your work toward it both in and out of the box.

The barbell doesn’t forgive and it doesn’t forget. It knows if you haven’t been around one for a while and will treat you accordingly! So lets pay some respect to that iron and lift it!

Jared – FTCF

Coaches Choice
Pick 2 or 3 things you can measure quickly and set them to task.