I’m an expat or Korean national that lives in town and not on USAG-Yongsan. How do I participate?
Fight Tonight CrossFit intends to primarily serve the greater US Forces Korea and supporting communities.  If you are a USFK/DoD ID cardholder and have access to USAG-Yongsan, there will be no issues. However, if you are not a USFK/DoD ID cardholder, or cannot sign into Collier Community Fitness Center’s RECTRAC system, then you can’t participate with Fight Tonight CrossFit.  The Fight Tonight CrossFit coaching staff does not provide access or transportation to/on/from USAG-Yongsan Collier Community Fitness Center.

I’m so out of shape and I think CrossFit might be too hard for me. Don’t I need to be fit to start CrossFit?
No. This is also one of the most common things we hear. Almost nothing can prepare incoming athletes for the varied and intense nature of our workouts. The best way to train for CrossFit is to do CrossFit. We encourage “newbies” from all levels of fitness to join. All of our workouts can be scaled or tailored to accommodate any age, level of fitness, or injury.

Start with Fundamentals. If you want to try us out, check out our “Get Started” section.

I don’t understand this “Fundamentals” stuff, please explain.
Sure, here’s everything you need to know about Fundamentals:

1) What is it?
Fundamentals Option 1 is a 3 hour class on Saturday mornings. This fundamentals course will give athletes a better understanding of what CrossFit is, instruction and practice of the 9 foundational movements and ending with a final “graduation” WOD.

2) So I can’t come to any Workout of the Day (WOD) Classes?
No, you can come to the regular WOD classes after you complete the Fundamentals class.

3) Why do I need to take it?
For you to perform all of CrossFit’s Basic Movements and additional common CrossFit exercises, we need to be able to instruct you and get you to practice them properly. Doing this in a small, dedicated group setting is the most effective way to do this. Moreover, you CANNOT JUMP 100% into CrossFit – as Coach Glassman, Founder of CrossFit has stated: “It is imperative that someone new to CrossFit takes the first month to learn the movements, if they’re not already intimate with them, and establish consistency before increasing intensity. If you can get through the workouts for one month straight without falling apart, then we recommend that you up the intensity a little the following month. If you throw yourself at this task 100% from day one, these workouts will chew you up and swallow you whole. I promise it. Don’t be misled by the workouts’ brevity. The tougher you are the harder you’ll go down, guaranteed.”

4) I’m a Crossfit Level Omega 199 Instructor, do I really have to take Fundamentals or can I just start the WOD classes?
No. Really no. But email us at FTCF.Seoul@Gmail.com to schedule a Test-In.

5) So what’s the intent?
The intent is:
To get beginners comfortable with the movements and refine more practiced athletes’ form.
To allow a trainer to observe the athlete’s movements closely.
To get beginners used to the Workouts of the Day while still challenging seasoned athletes.

Where are you guys located?
The heart of Seoul, Korea in USAG-Yongsan’s Collier Community Fitness Center.

What are your hours?
M-Th 8:30AM,5:45PM
F- 8:30 AM
Sat- 9:00 AM

What are your costs?
Effective 1 October 2013, Installation Management Command (IMCOM) and the Directorate of Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) will charge to attend group fitness classes, to include CrossFit.  Please pay at the front desk of Collier Community Fitness Center.  The fees for CrossFit are listed below.

Fundamentals                $10 (one time fee)

Monthly CrossFit            $40/month (unlimited attendance)

Per-day/drop-in fee         $3

Group Session               $30/group

If I join Fight Tonight CrossFit, can I do whatever workout I want during class?
No. You do the Workout of the Day that is posted for that day.

If I join Fight Tonight CrossFit, can I show up whenever I want?
No. Crossfit is based around class times and the Workout of the Day so you need to show up on time for the class.  PLEASE SHOW UP ON TIME!

If I don’t join Fight Tonight CrossFit, can I just use the equipment and do my own workouts during your sessions?
No. The CrossFit areas and equipment are expressly reserved by Collier Community Fitness Center for the use of Fight Tonight CrossFit during the hours listed on our Schedule. If you’d like to use the room and equipment during this time, we invite to join us by clicking on our “Get Started” section.