Steve Rosales

I have been a regular athlete at Fight Tonight CrossFit since 2016, I grew up playing sports and in my adult life doing military style physical fitness. I have served both in the United States Marine Corps and in the Army, and still serving in the Army Reserves.  I am now a stay home dad, and enjoy every minute of it. I have two beautiful daughters and a lovely hero wife who serves in the Army.

I was initially introduced to CrossFit in 2008, jumped around a few gyms and just never got serious. Fight Tonight CrossFit has changed my life, and has given me an outlet to challenge myself every day to become a better person. I am passionate about cycling, and also enjoy running. I have completed short and long distance cycling rides, and have ran the Barcelona Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon.

As I’ve grown as an athlete and developed as coach, and have also figured out the ropes of being a stay home dad or better said “Mr. Mom, I believe that the key to balancing life is to keep it simple. As for in the home or in the kitchen, or if it’s in the gym knocking out some strength training or WOD’ing; simplicity in our routines is what makes us better.