Scott Rezendes

100lb Farmer's Carry
100lb Farmer’s Carry

So, there I was…unable to maintain a grasp on my car keys and desperate for a quiet place to lay down. It was April of 2007 and I had just finished my first Crossfit workout. It was Cindy (at Crossfit we name our workouts; it makes them more personal somehow). At first glance she didn’t seem too terribly difficult; 5 pullups/10 pushups/15 air squats, just do that as many times as you could for 20 minutes. Hell, I’m a triathlete, an Airborne Ranger/Green Beret and had just completed my third combat tour. How hard could something named Cindy be? I found out after 11 rounds that Cindy didn’t care who or what I was. All I know is that she was not joking. Somewhere about round four I had to have assistance on the pullups. By round seven I was taking long breaks, bent over with hands on knees, and sweating like a Baghdadi cab driver. Cindy schooled me.

Since that day I have embraced Crossfit goodness, successfully realized a Crossfit Level I certification, competed in four powerlifting meets (taking first in a weight class populated by men half my age) added 25 pounds of strength and dropped 15 pounds of sloppy, discovered new ways to eat, sleep and recover and have more energy and pullups than I did twenty years ago. I also discovered a community of like minded people where motivation, discipline and a sense of humor is valued. It’s a community of people that collectively encourages and supports individual performance and improvement. I like that.

Crossfit addresses functional fitness. That was very important to me when I first started because I was still on active duty and especially concerned about combat fitness and survivability. Now I’m a 54 year old stay-at-home dad and the functional fitness concept of Crossfit is just as applicable. I have a 7 year old and 9 year old at home whose sole purpose, it seems, is to test my functionality daily. I tell them that they can have the car keys when they can deadlift more than I can. The point of all this? Crossfit is applicable no matter your age, fitness level or goals. Join us at Fight Tonight Crossfit and make sure the kids don’t get the car keys until they earn them.