Rhiannon Schweitzer

Rhiannon grew up surfing and playing street football and basketball, but did not join organized sports until high school, when she played soccer, softball, and swam. She started running when she was 22, and has run a marathon, two half marathons, a 10k, and a few shorter races since then. Rhiannon did 5 years of P90X at home for strength training during her running years. In 2016, Rhiannon and her husband discovered they could afford a CrossFit box fee in Augusta, GA. They immediately fell in love with the community, the fun, and its carryover into daily life.  She has seen such positive growth in her strength and general health since starting CrossFit. Like so many others, she is fighting genetics and age to stay as strong as possible into old age. Because there are so many benefits to joining a CrossFit community, with almost an endless amount to learn about and improve, Rhiannon decided to take the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course in 2018 to share it with others.