Michelle Beal

bio-picI started my fitness coaching career back in 2008, in Washington state, where I received certification in Les Mills RPM and Body Pump. I loved teaching and inspiring. While I’ve done a few sprint triathlons and bike races to stay fit, I have always been intrigued by CrossFit but was a bit intimidated by it.

I was on Facebook one day when I came across one of my friends who had an amazing body but I had no idea who it was (she changed her name).  Once I figured out who it was and got over the shock of her amazing transformation, I messaged her and asked her how the heck she had done it.  She told me it was from Crossfit!  That’s all it took to convince me to try it.  Completely apprehensive, I reached out to Fight Tonight CF and asked about classes. I missed the fundamentals class by a day and was devastated. Jared (one of the previous coaches at Fight Tonight) met with me one-on-one, for me to learn the Foundational movements.  I was so humbled by this graciousness and encouragement toward a newb like me, that I was instantly impressed and it set the tone for me with Crossfit.

I LOVE the community, encouragement, camaraderie and motivation.  Some of my closest friends have come from this community.  I have often said that Crossfit will build you up one day and humble you the next.  This program has challenged me in ways I never thought possible to include competing and placing on the podium in both individual and team events.  The benefits have spilled over into other areas of my life and I find myself setting and achieving new goals both on and off the PIT. I went to the Level 1 Course in August and feel honored to be a Coach at Fight Tonight.  I am forever grateful and can’t wait to see what’s in store. I plan to further my Crossfit Education this year!  Look out 2017… here I come!