Ken Velez

2010 CrossFit Games – DC/VA/WA Sectionals

NOTE: Ken and his wonderful wife, Mary Ellen, recently left Korea for a new adventure stateside and beyond. Seeing that Ken is a Fight Tonight plank holder we have opted to keep his bio up out of respect and admiration for the man.

For years, ever since high school, I thought I knew what “being fit” meant. I spent countless hours in the gym, jogged countless miles on the road, swam endless laps in the pool… and continually lost the battle of the bulge.  I, like so many others, was just plain doing it wrong.  I did the recommended cardio 3 x week and lifted weights 2 x week. Yes, I could bench press 250lbs. But I could hardly do 5 pullups, squat my bodyweight once, run (note: not “jog”) a decent 5K even if a lion was chasing me, and was about 15lbs overweight.  Like most other people you see at big cookie-cutter gyms, I looked big, but I was not FIT. I needed a change and was desperately looking for something else. I was tired of the gym, the pool, and of the same thing every day. I missed the competition of sports and as a former Naval Flight Officer I longed for the camaraderie of teammates. It was at this point in 2008 that I saw a bunch of people doing the craziest workout I’d ever seen – it was CrossFit. The next week I did the free workout, and since then my life has changed completely. Today, I’ve lost the 15lbs, and at the age of 39 (that’s old!) I’m stronger and faster now than I ever was before. Most importantly though, for the first time in years, I enjoy working out again. If you are looking for a fun, competitive, supportive environment, and you are ready to get in the best shape of your life, trust me…this is it! I am a Level 1 certified CrossFit coach and Level 1 USAW Sport Performance coach. I also hold CrossFit certifications in Olympic Lifting and Kettle Bells. I’ve competed in the 2010 and 2011 CrossFit Games and in numerous local crossfit competitions. I love helping our athletes reach their fitness goals and invite you to give us a try. We’re free. So the only thing you need to bring is your dedication and enthusiasm. It will be the best decision you ever make! Email Ken