Kathy Friend

image1I was born in Queens, New York, and although I was active growing up, I was never particularly good at sports. While in the Army I realized I liked to exercise, especially lifting weights. After I left active duty I decided to pursue a career in fitness. I got a boat-load of certifications and a master’s degree and worked as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and adjunct college professor. About 5 years ago I was looking to change up my own fitness routine, so I signed up for an Olympic Weightlifting course held at a CrossFit gym. I was the only non-CrossFitter there and I had no idea what I was doing! But I fell in love with the sport – I loved the unique challenge the lifts provided, and I gained a lot of confidence in being able to load up a heavy barbell and squat or deadlift it. I joined a barbell club at CrossFit Manassas in Virginia, where I trained the Olympic lifts exclusively. I would watch the crazy CrossFitters on the other side of the gym, but was never tempted to join in (WAY too much sweating and not enough resting, the exact opposite of the Olympic lifts!). I really enjoyed competing in local weightlifting competitions, and I eventually got my coach’s certification from USA Weightlifting.

After my family and I moved to Yongsan, I was encouraged by several members of the 9 a.m. CrossFit class to join. I wanted to meet and train with some strong women, so I went to a class. It was an awful, humbling experience, but I loved the camaraderie and the challenge and I tried to attend class when I wasn’t teaching my own classes or training clients. After a few months, I realized that my fitness levels had really improved and that CrossFit was making me a better weightlifter.

The best thing for me about CrossFit is that there’s always something to get better at. You can get stronger in a deadlift, control your body better in a handstand, or coordinate a powerful movement like a snatch. I love teaching others, so I decided to take the Level 1 course. I was seriously blown away by the information and the quality of the hands-on part of the course, and I’m excited to be part of the Fight Tonight coaching team!

When I’m not in the gym I – who am I kidding – I’m always in the gym!! But I do manage to hike and explore this great country with my husband and three kids.

CrossFit Level 1
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Precision Nutrition Level 1