Jared Whitman

Jared in flight!

I am a Crossfit Level Two Trainer (CF-L2), CrossFit Kids Certified, Catalyst Weightlifting level 1 seminar, Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Weightlifting Trainer, Mobility Trainer, Gymnastics and Basic Combatives Course Instructor/Certifier. I am also a Army Basic Instructor Course and Small Group Leader Course graduate with extensive experience training small (10) to large (200) groups of people in specific physical tasks.

My journey started 2012. I was 230lbs, 5’11” and apathetic due to a very demanding work schedule. One of my students suggested that I go with the class to a Tough Mudder. After he said it was 10 miles I immediately said some explicit words that ended with a “No.” Anyway, after seeing the interest in the race with the other students I succumbed and got max participation to this event. In working toward this we had group exercise sessions after class. I followed the programming that one of my students made and it felt great. One day we did 100 burpees for a warmup and I about died. We did the Tough Mudder and finished as a team. After that I was hooked and now am addicted to mud runs. Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint x3, Super Spartan, Spartan Beast, Runforyourlives5k, Marine Corp Mud Challenge, and a couple of other local mud runs. I say all that to say this…the only way I was able to have the fortitude and confidence to do these events was because of the High Intensity Interval Training I was doing. I needed something more though; enter Crossfit! At first I did not want to drink the koolaid but started to read more about the methodology and schema of preparing for the unknown and unknowable that CrossFit designs you for.

HOW do you prepare for what is not knowable? You train everything! You must be able to do the common(jumping, falling, standing, pushing, pulling etc…) uncommonly well. The vast majority of movements in Crossfit are reproduced by you daily. The more we can make those moves efficient and safe the better your life will be, literally. You will live longer with less/no pain by honing the skill of using your body and your evolved brain to navigate this world in the most efficient way possible. This core theme is what has pushed me to become engrossed and fanatical in the program. If I could have my way I would have every person in the world doing CrossFit.

My goal is to effect change in myself and in others in order to live a pain free life so that we are all happier as we journey through this life. See you in Fundamentals!

3 thoughts on “Jared Whitman

  1. Diana Howarth

    Hi! I’d like to sign up to take an upcoming fundamentals class so I can start crossfit. What day is the class? How do I go about signing up? Do I get to pick the days of the week I choose to go? I’m debating whether to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday’s.

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