Dena Donnell

Dena Donnell
Despite my 5’2″ stature, my personality is probably substantially bigger. I’m hard to miss in the PIT, and I’m quite literally the definition of positive, contagious, high energy. I aim to be the kind of trainer that makes onions cry. My extensive background in healthcare and fitness that spans over nearly 20 years brings an exciting dynamic to the FTCF community.
I was born in New Jersey, but I consider Florida my home, where my family immigrated from Cuba. I served nearly seven years as an Army Combat Medic and Radiology Specialist NCO, where I became proficient in the modalities of basic health care, diagnostic radiology, orthopedic radiology, ultrasound, mammography, and CT. Towards the end of my military career, I realized that I wanted to continue my career in medicine at a higher echelon. I set my sights on finishing college as a pre-med/biology major to pursue a career in orthopedic medicine. I continued my passion for fitness and sports after the Army, and picked up a semi-competitive career in cycling, in the Criterium race circuit in the mid-west. During this time I decided to switch gears (pun intended) and began to pursue a career in wellness and fitness. Eventually, with persistence and a little luck, my passion became my profession, and I started my own fitness business, DMD Fitness, in 2006.
My specialization and primary area of concentration for most of my career had always been functional fitness. However, CrossFit was never on my radar and was considered a “bad word” in my part of the fitness world. All of that was about to change when I moved to Korea in the summer of 2017. A very persistent (and dear) friend asked me to come try CrossFit out. Bored with my current fitness regimen and apprehensive I would even enjoy CrossFit at all, I decided to give it a try anyway. Pure curiosity kept me coming back to the PIT on a regular basis. I quickly began to realize why everyone loved it so much! I was humbled so much by the principles of the sport, the competition, and felt so welcome by the FTCF community, CrossFit became a part of my daily fitness routine. Almost six months to the day after attending my very first CrossFit class, I became an L1 CrossFit trainer and coach at FTCF!
I currently hold several different certifications with the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) and CrossFit.
-Nationally Certified Master Fitness Trainer
-Nationally Certified Nutrition Specialist
-Nationally Certified Strength & Conditioning Trainer
-Nationally Certified Endurance Trainer
-Certified TRX Instructor
-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
-CrossFit Judges Course
I have many years of experience in competitive cycling, bodybuilding, I have competed and won fitness competitions, and I have recently competed in a RAW deadlift power-lifting competition.
I am currently pursuing my NASM certification and enjoy continually educating myself on new concepts in fitness across all modalities. I still enjoy cycling and the occasional “bro-lift.” Disclosure: If you call me a ‘Crossfitter” in the Pit, I’ll make you do burpees. Consider yourself warned!