Ali Bush

12644641_10101693839075005_1926347244935508340_nMy athletic background starts with dance classes in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  I danced for 8 years consisting of ballet, tap and jazz.  I then hung up my ballet slippers for a pair of cleats and started playing rugby. I lived and breathed rugby for 10 years. I started rugby in high school, played throughout college, and joined a club in Savannah, GA. Rugby gave me my competitive drive, the level of intensity I needed, and a positive community to be a part of.  It was no surprise that when I found CrossFit in June 2014, I fell head over heels. I loved going to the gym to lift heavy things.  In September 2015, I participated in my first CrossFit competition and that has furthered my love for this sport.  I no longer workout, but I train. I train for the next competition. I train for life.

In August, 2015, I decided to get my Level 1 CrossFit Certification, with no intention of coaching, but only to further my knowledge in CrossFit.  Once I received my certification, I was offered to coach Monday mornings at Fight Tonight CrossFit.  I fell in love with coaching instantly.  It is amazing to be a part of a motivated group of individuals that give it their absolute all at every workout.  I love pushing and helping athletes to their full potential.  I am now fueling my passion by studying for my CPT and taking on the role as affiliate manager at Fight Tonight CrossFit.