Leah Williams

img_1447Born in South Dakota and raised in Wyoming, my athletic background was primarily in rodeo and rarely involved intense personal physical training. Since entering the activity duty military community in 2001 with my family, I dabbled in various methods of physical training in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle but couldn’t quite find a method to do so that I really enjoyed. In 2012, I joined Fight Tonight Crossfit and am now addicted to exercise. I obtained my Level I certification in 2013 and my experiences coaching a variety of athletes within the Crossfit community has been tremendously rewarding. I cherish observing athletes depart the “box” with an elevated sense of pride and confidence after obtaining even the smallest of improvements. Improving my physical and emotional ability to live life to the fullest and help others do the same drives me daily. I also enjoy the social community and the level of fitness I have obtained, which has enhanced my ability to participate in outdoor activities such as backpacking and biking with my family. I look forward to meeting you at the box,

Level 1
Level 2