Beth Conlin

Beth PictureBorn in Idaho, I claim Seattle as my home, although I haven’t lived there for 10 years due to my husband’s military career. We’ve been lucky to live all over and travel the globe which has allowed me to see the amazing CrossFit community from Istanbul, Hawaii, and Germany to now here in Seoul.

I’m an ex-personal trainer at a Globo Gym turned CrossFit believer, follower, and coach. I love the community CrossFit creates and nothing is better than watching your athlete get their first push-up, pull-up, double under, muscle-up.  I love CrossFit for the empowering confidence it brings out in people and of course the fun, support, and shenanigans that go on between WODS. I’ve had my Level 1 since 2010 and also hold a CPT and Gymnastic Certificate.

I’m always looking for the next best-worst WOD and 1RM. When I’m not sweating in the gym I love traveling, cooking, wine, culture, hiking, skiing, and hanging with my husband and our dog.