Tori’s Going Away WOD

Today we say ‘see you later’ to another valuable member of Fight Tonight and a regular force in our 9 AM class. She will be leaving us to head back to Texas where she has lots of family and friends excitedly awaiting her return.
20170614_122436“Mustang Tori” (she has no idea about this nickname, *surprise*!!) she is both fast and strong (hence ‘Mustang Tori’) with a heart of gold.  She will forever be in the corner trying to stretch that damn hip yet lap you in a run, and do it with a freaking smile.  When she is not working through her love-hate relationship with Olympic lifts…so much love that she renamed the snatch the “Twatch” or the Twisting- Snatch.  She is the only person who can catch a snatch on one knee and then rotate 90 degrees, it’s actually pretty and impressive.  If she is not working on that can catch her trying to master that perfect set of unbroken toes-to-bar (just don’t think about it, right ;)) otherwise she is eagerly helping the other moms of the group by setting up daycare/ babysitting arrangements so moms can WOD without worrying about child care.  Both new and old members have been touched by her kindness whether it was her genuine interest in making a new person feel welcomed or her offer to help an expectant mother, Tori truly embodies the best parts of being a Crossfitter-Military Spouse.


She is strong as hell, resourceful, open, creative,  and accepting.  The eternal educator and curriculum designer, Tori has been putting her creativity and her new L1 to use by writing entire months of programming on her own for the sake of learning and feedback.  If the few months that I have seen are any indication her future athletes are in for a treat! When you do decide to coach your new gym will be lucky to have your motivation and persistence as part of their team.  We are sad to see you go but excited for what lies ahead for you and your family.  Thank you for bringing your brand of genuine kindness and fitness to our Fight Tonight Family, you will be truly missed.

2 Cleans
*choose weight*
rest 3 Mins
4 Rounds
15 Wall Ball 20/14
25 M OH Walking Lunge 25/45
15 KBS 53/35
10 KB Push Press
400 M Run


1 RM Testing continues this week make sure you are tracking your lifts as we will use percentages of your 1RM in our next strength cycle to continue your gains.

We will be testing 1 lift per day with a “primer” WOD to start this will ensure we are all warm, sweaty, and ready to lift! This will allow all of us to get our heart rate up AND move some heavy weights around. If you miss a day you will have time in the coming weeks to make up any missed lifts.

4 Rounds
5 Super Man
200 M sprint
10 Tuck Jumps
20 light KBS

1 RM Back Squat


Saturday, 17 June 2017, after the WOD, let’s mobilize! Fellow FTCF athlete Chris, a CF Level 1 and CF Mobility coach will work with us after the WOD to introduce some mobility principals. Mobility, often overlooked, after those soul crushing WODs, can help us feel better the next day, and aid in taking us to the next level as athletes. Chris plans on running us through some WOD specific mobility, followed-up by a mini-clinic on general mobility and some tricks and remedies we can incorporate into daily life — at home, the office and the box.

Saturday Partner WOD!

Partner A runs 400 M
Partner B does AMRAP Hang Power Clean + Jerk 135/95 until A gets back
Switch and repeat. *Score is reps of hang power clean and jerk* (Each person only runs once and C and J’s once)
Partner A runs 400 M
Partner B does AMRAP Back squats 135/95 from the floor until A returns
Switch and repeat.
Each person only runs once and squats once. Each back squat = 1 pt.
Partner A runs 400 M
Partner B does AMRAP Double Unders
Switch and repeat. Score is number of DU
1 DU = 1 Point, (3:1 SU:DU)
Partner A runs 400 M
Partner B does AMRAP Burpees
Switch and repeat.
Score is number of Burpees

If above is completed in less than 26 minutes, start over and continue until 26-minute cap

Heidi’s Going Away WOD

We are 18485982_10211394600655052_6984179438349353865_n.jpgnot yet done with saying ‘See you later’ to members of our FT Family.  Heidi will be leaving us soon for the blue skies and endless vistas of California. If you were fortunate enough to meet Heidi in our morning class or run into her on a hike around the city then you know what a great loss our community will feel with her departure.  Her self-described “think of what a 12-year old boy might say and then say that” sense of humor has brightened up more morning workouts than we can count.  She is good for more than just a belly aching, face hurting laugh.  Heidi has been key in coordinating transportation efforts to and from GirlFit and has been a fierce competitor at the events as well.  Heidi’s fun and adventurous spirit works well for her both inside and outside of the gym.  She is not afraid to try and then share her success and even her failures all in hilarious detail! She will try that new restaurant or hiking trail and be sure to report back with the good, bad, and the ugly.  She will try that new gymnastics move or try to add more weight to the bar and most of the time she comes out successful, which is evident by her constant PR’s and her ability to successfully get those toes-to-bar.  Outside of the gym, she has been a guide and app educator- helping to ensure all new members know how to navigate Seoul with the best apps so they can be sure to love this place as much as she has.  We will do our best to continue to explore Seoul and PR our push press in your name!




Teams of 3 or 4
10 Mins per station 2 mins rest
1- As a team, each person find your 3 RM Push Press
2- As a team, each person find your 3 RM Bench Press
3- As a team, alternate as you would like to get Max reps tire flip jump through (
4- As a team, alternate as you would like to get Max Reps 25 meter Farmers Carry with Axel bar
*Score is total weight + number of flips + number of meters*
*Each person must do all movements*18813958_10211747460555573_1385540439072174581_n.jpg