Schedule Changes and Summer Break!

You’re all aware FTCF has experienced some MAJOR transitions in the past six months, and those of us leftover we are doing what we can to keep it going. Unfortunately, because we are down to so few coaches, we will have to reduce the number of classes we offer.

Tomorrow at 9 am, we will have “open gym”. This means there will be no official coaching, but there will be a WOD and you will have access to the equipment, timer, and speaker, and be able to work out with others.

Next week (M-F) will be FTCF’s Summer Break, weeee! There will be no classes. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 1800, you can come for “open gym” sessions with Josh. We will post some workouts for M-F if you want to follow them. We apologize for the late notice, but next week’s schedule could not be finalized until today.

Then, join us on Saturday, August 4 at 9 am for an awesome farewell WOD for Kyle, Dena, Josh, and Sam- it’s going to be a lot of fun!

We will post another update next week with the class schedule effective August 5. Let’s keep FTCF going strong, even though we are much fewer! Thank you again for being flexible and understanding.

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