Mobility (10 MIN)
Hip/Posterior Chain Band Mobility
-Banded Hip Flexor Stretch w PVC pipe
-Banded Hamstring stretch pull through (on rig)
-Banded Glute/Hip stretch
-Band assisted Quad stretch

Skill (10 MIN) 45/35

Back Squat (Tempo)
-Followed By-
Front Squat (Tempo)
-Followed by-
RDL (Tempo)
-Followed by-
Regular (or maybe Sumo deadlift?)

KB Complex (10 MIN) 35/20
Single arm overhead lunges (alternating sides) 10 lunges with the right arm 10 lunges with the left arm.
-Followed by-
Alternating single leg DEFICIT RDL’s 5 per leg
-Followed by-
Deep goblet squat with 5 second hold in the pocket 5
-Followed by-
Burpees 5

10 Air Squats
3 Jumping Air Squats (Explosive)
2 5 second Handstand Holds

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