For Time:
800M Run
-Followed By-
15 Box Jumps 24/20
15 AM KB 53/35
15 SDHP 95-65
-Followed by-
800M Run

Today we say farewell to a long-time member, Laura. Laura has been in Korea longer than Coach Leah! Laura came to us as a runner, the girl can run and run and run she literally has no quit in her. It might be the fact that she’s literally a rocket scientist so once she figures out how to complete a workout she must see it through to the end. Proof of her inability to quit: when the burpee challenge was to honor the guy that invented burpees a few years ago, the challenge was for 119 days. Laura was 1 of 2 people that actually completed the ENTIRE challenge!

CrossFit math is hard for most of us, ok all of us. But with Laura in class coaches could rest assured that she could calculate clock errors on the spot as well as quickly quantify the number of reps we were all about to do and find your 1RM% quicker than looking at the chart.

When her kids aren’t modeling, Laura and her family have been having a great time exploring all things Asia Disney and being the first in line for the latest Star Wars movies. While we are sad to see her go we know she’s looking forward to warmer temps at Fort Polk. We will think of you every time we do our burpees! Good luck and safe travels!

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