Farewell-ish Kevin

Today we sweat to say “Byyeeeee” to one of our most improved athletes. Kevin will be moving down to Humphries, so he won’t be far but we also won’t get to see his smiling face and infectious personality on the reg either.

Kevin came to Fight Tonight with a little CrossFit in his background, he wasn’t super serious about it but wanted to get into shape. Regardless of his lack of experience, from day 1 he moved like. A. Dream! Seriously! He was easy to coach and could translate direction into movement quicker than any athlete we had seen. He’s not just skills and good looks, the boy works HARD! When he has a goal, inside or outside of the gym, he sets laser focus on it and works until he reaches it. He’s the best kind of athlete, one that is humble yet celebrates well deserved victories. He listens and asks questions. He practices and works on his technique. And he does it all with a smile while working full-time and going to school. We are going to miss you around here and hope you will come by on the weekends when Humphries is just too boring.

“All The Single Ladies”
Teams of Two
For 30 Minutes

Buy in 10 MU

150 Airsquats
50 Push Jerks (135)
150 Push-ups
50 Front Squats
150 Sit-ups
50 PC
150 Pull-ups


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