Farewell-ish Kate (PM)

Kate (PM) is leaving us, kind of. She is moving down to Humphries so she won’t be too far away, but we also won’t get to see her smiling face every day either. Let me back up. Kate (PM), not to be confused with Kate (AM), came to Fight Tonight in September. Clearly an athlete, Kate showed up needing only to be shown where the equipment was. She’s incredibly strong yet overwhelmingly humble, a combination that is hard to come by. She works hard both in and out of the gym, the proof is in her consistent PRs that she has earned in her short time at Fight Tonight. Perhaps it’s her weekly brunch with friends of bacon, eggs, and waffles that has something to do with her success or maybe it’s the coconut lattes, then again it could be her coachability, willingness to put in extra work on her own and general badassery that as something to do with it. Either way Kate’s short time with Fight Tonight has been inspiring. Humphries CrossFit will be lucky to have you and we hope to see you on the weekends! Don’t be a stranger….and to ensure you come back we have put together this great workout in your honor.

Kate (PM)’s WOD:
Teams of 2
Buy in:
22 synchronized burpees
Power Cleans 155/115
Wall Balls 20/14
Dead Lift 155/115
Buy out:
22 synchronized burpees

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