Spit Jerk

Spit Jerk will be from the rack and not the floor.
Low to moderate weights to work on technique.


For Time
25 Minute time cap

In teams of 3.
Athlete A will complete 2500m on the Rower while Athlete B and C work the stationary bike.

After Athlete A completes the 2500m, A will work a bike as Athlete B proceeds to the rower to complete 2500m. A and C bike.

After Athlete B completes the 2500m, B will work a bike and C will proceed to the rower to complete 2500m. A and B bike.

After the 2500m is complete from, C the time will be recorded.

If Athlete C is unable to beat the time cap and is at 1700m the score will read:
2+1700. 1 for A, 1 for B, and 1700 for C.

General rule is 1 rows and 2 bike.
Bikers are encouraged to try not to fall below 70RPMs.
Meter DO NOT count for the monthly rowing challenge.

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