Warm Up
Barbell Zombie Squat

Front Squat and Monster Walk Super Set

Side step to the Left 10
Side Step to the Right 10
Front squat

11 Min FRAN

Min 1 21 Thruster 95/65
Min 2 Rest
Min 3 21 Pull Ups
Min 4 Rest
Min 5 15 Thrusters
Min 6 Rest
Min 7 15 Pull Ups
Min 8 Rest
Min 9 9 Thrusters
Min 10 Rest
Min 11 9 Pull Ups

This will help Athletes practice and learn the complexity of this Benchmark WOD. The point is to let the athlete recover and to feel the reaction of their body, and how they need to pace themselves for the actual benchmark WOD “Fran”… Everyone hates Fran…

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