Did you miss out on ordering our new red and grey baseball Tee? Are you jealous when you see your friends wearing them because you don’t have one? Fret no more! Extra shirts are now available in all sizes both men’s and women’s. They are $27 USD (No won) cash or paypal to conlin.beth@gmail.com ask your coach if you would like to buy one.


Today we start our new evening schedule. There will be 1 evening class at 5:45 PM. All morning classes will remain the same.

SWOD: If you missed the 1RM Snatch you can make that up or do the following

2×3 Snatch Pull @ 80-100%
2X3 Power Snatch @50% of snatch
3×3 Snatch @75%

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
15 burpees
30/20-calorie row
10 Pull-ups

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