Athletes, YOU DID IT! Testing week is over!!! Your progress since this summer has been impressive and a testament to your consistency and hard work. If you didn’t log your PRs be sure to look back through our FB photos and write them down. We will work off of these numbers during our upcoming strength cycle.

Our Handstand clinic is Saturday from 1-3. See you there!

***Reminder*** Starting Monday the 20th there will be 1 evening class at 1745, 5:45PM M-TH

10 Overhead squats 135/95
20 Box jump 24/20
10 thrusters 135/95
10 Power Cleans 135/95
20 Toes to bar
20 Burpee Pull-ups
20 Toes to bar
10 Power Cleans 135/95
10 thrusters 135/95
20 Box Jump Overs 24/20
10 OHS 135/95

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