171113- New Schedule


Every winter our 1830 class shrinks.  As it gets darker earlier coming to the gym at 1830 seems so late!  In order to accommodate both evening classes, we will have 1 evening class starting at 1745, 5:45 PM, M-TH.

This change will start on the 20th.  Thank you for being flexible!

***REMINDER*** Scan your ID card every time you come to Collier, even if we are outside.

Primer WOD:
400 M run
Then 3 rounds of
10 T2B
10 Empty bar thrusters
*TC 12 mins


1 RM OHS AND 1 RM Thruster
*Complete these in any order, however, find your 1RM on 1 lift before moving on to the next lift*

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