The NEO will be held this week at Collier which means the road in front of the gym will be closed so parking will be tight in the area, plan accordingly.  This also means that the indoor CrossFit area will be closed for the duration of the exercise which means if it’s raining we will have to cancel class.  Stay tuned to our facebook page for daily updates should the weather be questionable.

Bench Press
3X5 @65%
3X3 @75@
2-2-2-2 Add weight each round

Every 2min for 20min using the following rep scheme for each movement:
Deadlift 65% of 1 RM
1st 5DL, 5 Pull-ups
2nd 5 DL, 5 Pull-ups
3rd 4DL, 4 Pull-ups
4th 4 DL, 4 Pull-ups………

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