Farewell Sonya :(

Today we send off another member of our Fight Tonight Family, Sonya.  Lucky for us she isn’t going far, she is headed to Daegu. She has been a gentle presence at the 5:30 class.   When she is there you know it because her warmth and love of people radiate across the PITT.   Sonya has a massive heart and love for her family and friends and her FT Ohana. In the gym Sonya shows up, even when she doesn’t want to and puts in work.  Outside of the gym there is always room for one more as she is always surrounded by friends and family sharing her love of life and adventure.  We look forward to seeing you when you come back up to Seoul or catching up when we come down there!  May we all learn to have the warmth in our hearts that you have.  Can’t wait to watch your fitness journey from afar!

3 sets of 5 DB clusters
Rest as needed after each set
Add weight after each set if possible

Teams of 3 Waterfall Style
Starting with 2 of each movement and adding 2 reps each round

2 Box Jumps
2 Pull-ups
2 Wall Balls
4 Box Jumps
4 Pull-Ups
4 Wall Balls

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