Been busy with “The Exercise” the past 2 weeks?  Feel like you missed out on all the happenings at the gym? Catch up on all the things you missed below:

Love Fight Tonight?  So do we!!! Want to show your love at the gym or around town?  You can! With our new shirts!!
Check out all the options here https://fighttonightcrossfit.com/2017/08/27/170828/

Thinking you might want to be a coach? We are offering an L1 Scholarship to 3 of our members for the upcoming L1! More info here:

Need to clean up your diet or just need some ideas for your weeknight kitchen mastery? Join our Nutrition challenge here:

Finally, itching for a little friendly competition? Partner up for the CrossFit Team series! There will be 3-4 workouts per week, we will do them Thurs, Friday, and take time Saturday to do the rest. Because we live in the future you can also complete any missed workouts on Monday as well. More details here:

7 Rounds of “The Chief” 115/80
Max Reps Burpees with remaining time
-rest 5 minutes-
6 Rounds of “The Chief” 135/95
Max Reps Burpees with remaining time
-rest 5 minutes-
5 Rounds of “The Chief” 155/105
Max Reps Burpees with remaining time
The Chief: 3 Power Cleans, 6 Push-ups, 9 Air Squats

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