NUTRITION CHALLENGE! To kick off the new school year we are doing a 31-day nutrition challenge from Sept 15-Oct 15. This challenges will be a bit different than challenges in the past because not everyone wants to lose weight. Most people do want to learn new recipes and have some support to turn to when trying new meal plans. Whether you want to kick a sugar habit, go dairy free, try paleo, whole 30 or any other real food program this group will be here to cheer you on and share your success and frustrations with.
To commit, join our facebook group here. The group will become private after Sept 15th. Once you join you will be asked to state your goal and commit to the 31-day challenge of eating real food. That’s it!  Along the way, coach Brandi will do some fun challenges, post tips, share recipes, and do weekly check-ins to keep everyone engaged. You can also get your body composition measured before and after you start if you would like to measure your progress that way. 2 ways to measure your body composition:
1- Go to 121 nutrition clinic on Fridays for their walk in hours from 9-11 and use their biometric machine before and after the challenge starts
2- Coach Beth can do a body fat test using calipers and a 7 point ‘pinch’ test. This needs to be done BEFORE a workout. Whichever method you choose be sure to use the same method before and after the challenge. We are excited to go on the real food journey with you and share new recipes and meal plans with you all!

Mobility with your coach focusing on:
Ankles, hips, and shoulders

4 rounds of
8 KB swings 53/35
5 goblet squats 53/35
5 push-ups
-Rest 2 mins-
Begin each round with kb swings.

Score: total reps

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