CrossFit Team Series!


I know some of you have been itching for a little competition and some of you are newer to CrossFit and have yet to be introduced to the larger community. The Team series is a great way to do both!! You can read all about it here

Bottom line:
*Partner up- Your teammate can be male or female, your same age, older or younger.  If you are signed up online you will want to be of the same skill level, both partners will need to be doing the workout either RX or scaled.
*If you want to officially sing up online it’s $40 per team and you can do so at the link above.
*If you don’t want to be so official you can still partner up and participate
*The workouts will be released on Sept 20th and 27th. We will be completing the team events on Saturday, Sept 23 and 30th starting at 9 AM until complete.
*This is an awesome chance to dip your toe in the competition waters of CrossFit as well as test yourself against your friends from around the world.

Snatch Pull 3X3@ 70% of Snatch
Power Snatch 3X3@ 70% of Power Snatch
OHS 3×3 @70% of Overhead Squat

Burpee Box Jump 24/20
Dumbell Power Snatch 50/35

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