L1 Scholarship Program!

Athletes,  Fight Tonight is excited to offer 3 of our awesome athlete’s a partial scholarship to the upcoming L1 course here in Seoul.  Next L1 course dates are Oct 21-22 at CrossFit Chiwoo

We love the love that you have for CrossFit and fitness and want to help you get to the next level!  What’s the catch?  You must be here for at least 1 year after your L1 course date and commit to coaching at least 1 day per week at Fight Tonight.  This time around we are able to partially sponsor 3 athletes and may be able to do this again in the future depending on future budgets.  This is open to all Fight Tonight athletes via an application process, the coaches will review all applications and select 3 recipients for the upcoming course.  Complete this application and send it to info@fighttonightcrossfit.com           Fight Tonight L1 Scholarship Application

3 Rounds not for time
20 Partner Wall ball Sit up 20/14
Partner Wheelbarrow 25 M
5 Wall walks each

For Time:
50 DU
30 Hang Power Clean
30 Push Jerk
50 DU

Big Dawg: 155/105
Rx: 125/85
*Compare to Jan 26th 2017

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