Farewell Deilene

This is the final farewell for our members, I think.  It better be!  This summer has been an endless stream of “see ya laters”.  This one won’t be as bad because Deilene isn’t going so far away, she is headed south to Busan while she might be near the beach which is making a lot of us jealous she is having a hard time finding a new gym to replace her Fight Tonight Family…which I mean…come on..we are pretty irreplaceable, aren’t we 😉

For those of you that don’t know Deilene, let me tell you a story about this dedicated morning girl.  After completing her fundamentals course Coach Ali and Coach Beth decided, without talking to one another that her name was pronounced “Duh-laney” for 6 months every morning coach slaughtered her name.
“Duh-laney, keep your chest up”
“Duh-laney, send your hips back”
“Duh-laney, that doesn’t look heavy enough, here is more weight”
“Good! Duh-laney, that was beautiful!”…and on and on as she improved quickly in class she would receive daily call outs all under the WRONG name. Months later a new member approached coach Beth and said “you know that is not how you say her name right? It’s DAY-LEAN”

She may have been too shy to speak up but you wouldn’t know she was timid by the way she has jumped in with both feet.  She did her first CrossFit Open with us this Spring and dedicated her time to learning all she could from coach Kathy’s lifting classes and it shows! She has continued to improve her strength, lifts, and her skills.   The morning class will miss you, if you are in Seoul please drop by.  Don’t be surprised if we decided to crash your place in August when it gets way too hot up here :). We look forward to watching you keep moving your fitness journey going!

Work up to 70% of 1RM then do 3X5

Deilene’s Farewell WOD:
run 400 M
20 Overhead Squats 95/65
30 Push Press
40 Front squat
50 Burpees
run 400 M

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