Kacie and Matt Farewell WOD

Another power couple is catching the summer PCS wave and heading to Hawaii! Most of you know Kacie from our evening classes and the occasional Saturday class. She’s the one with killer dance moves and muscles that make all the girls jealous and most of the guys as well, we all want #ArmsLikeKacie! Matt, on the other hand, has not had the flexibility to come to class as often as we would like to see him but when he does come he doesn’t just show up, he puts in serious work.

Kacie has been a fixture on our competition teams participating in 3 GirlFit events in Busan, Seoul, and in Suwon. Always down for a challenge she has done 2 Opens, this year she was determined to get double-unders. So determined she used the 40 min time cap in the last event, apologizing to Kathy the entire time for having to judge her for so long. That kind of determination brings a tear to a coaches eye. She is always down for a fun run or 5K, a Hero WOD or a workout where she can wear her body armor or do power cleans as long as there are donuts when it’s over. When she is not momming, working, or trying to keep track of where Matt is you can be sure she is busting a move on the black mat and prepping to throw around some serious weight.

Matt’s time in Seoul was spent mainly at work. So much so that he didn’t learn to snatch until the Open where he got a 30 second tutorial from coaches Kathy and Mike and then got on the spot cues, quick learner, this one is! Seems as though determination runs in this family, which is why we are going to miss both of the Lee’s so much.

KC and Matt farewell
buy in- 50 pistols as a team-
Partner 1 100 Dus
Partner 2 ME Power Cleans 135/95
*score is number of PC
Partner 1 Run 400 M
Partner 2 ME HSPU
*score is number of HSPU
Partner 1 50 Wall Balls
Partner 2 ME Pull-ups
*Score is number of Pull-ups

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