Today is the day that you string together some double-unders I can FEEEEEL it, can you?! After some skills and drills with your coach, everyone will do max effort double-unders for 5 mins. They don’t have to be unbroken, they just can’t be singles. They best way to get these is to be forced to try them, trust us 😉
Your WOD will start with shuttle sprints, or suicide sprints if you played sports in high school. You will sprint 5 Meters down and back, then 10 Meters down and back and finally 25 Meters down and back before moving into the wall balls, push press and pull-ups. Rinse and repeat 6 times.

5 Min ME Double Unders
*Everyone MUST try DU’s NO singles*

6 Rounds for time:
Shuttle Sprint 5Meter, 10Meters, 25Meters
15 Wall balls 20/14
15 Push Press 115/75
15 Pull ups

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