As we all start to build our skills and confidence it is important to remember to listen to our bodies.  Our goal is to move the body not kill the body. We want you to always get better, have a good time, and continue to improve your fitness and sometimes that means checking your ego at the door. Listen to your coaches and your body.  If the WOD calls for 5 rounds but today your body says 3 is the limit, that is fine!

Today, if 100 v-ups sounds impossible then 25, or 50 is a great place to start. And if V-ups are not your jam talk to your coach about substituting sit ups or another abdominal exercise.

100 V-ups
Push Press
-add weight-
-Or find 1RM push press –

10 OHS 95/65
12 Pistols (6 Each Leg)

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