Farewell Coach Joby and Joanna

Today we say Aloha to a tiny power couple. What they lack in height they make up for in sheer power, kindness, drive, and general relationship #goals.


Coach Joby, our resident nurse, or ‘Doc’ as we like to call him, came to us like many coaches do, a prior athlete who was looking for something that provides that team sport feel to compliment his Army PT routine. He had been doing CrossFit style workouts in his home gym for several years but never joined an actual program until the lure of Fight Tonight drew him in. Or perhaps it was just the energy of the morning crew 🙂 After training for a few months in a formal setting he went on to get his L1 and started coaching mornings…or, um, if you have seen our morning class it’s more about herding strong cats ;). Either way, he jumped right in as a coach and was able to go from peer to coach with no problem. His varied athletic background and creativity have served him well as he easily comes up with alternate scales or solutions to our lacking equipment needs. As an athlete, Joby may hate heavy and high volume, weights overhead, running..basically, all of CrossFit but you would never know it based on his sheer ability to push through and meet goals. At the beginning of the year he said he wanted to walk 10 meters on his hands, now he can regularly walk the length of the rig outside and he recently PR’d his Fran time by 2 minutes!! When he is not coaching and inspiring our athletes, being a dad, training, being a boy scout troop leader, or acting as our in-house doctor you can often find him behind the lens of a camera capturing all of our mid-WOD pain faces and PR celebration dances.


Joanna is the other half of the powerful couple. She gives new meaning to ‘new mom strength’. Joanna was hitting PRs while 8 months pregnant and crushing rowing WODs 5 days before giving birth. She is not afraid of hard work and it shows! With a new baby in tow and 2 other littles in school, Joanna shows up to class and puts in consistent work. Her efforts have paid off as she has hit post baby PRs just a few months after returning to the gym.  Our community rallied around Joby and Jo to help them welcome their new little girl and it showed the absolute best we had to offer. Without question, we were throwing a baby shower, organizing a meal train, setting up sitters for the older kids, bringing strawberries to the hospital before and after the delivery and of course happily holding new baby Scarlett. With 3 littles, a part-time job at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, and all of the uncertainty that the military life offers Joanna is proof that Super Woman really does exist!

There is not a more kind and gracious couple out there. Fight Tonight will be a little less Aloha without you both, we will do our best to carry on your kindness and tenacity. Safe travels!

Joby and Jo’s going away WOD
In a Team of 2 Complete the following
100 Burpees
50 Power Cleans 135/95
100 Wall Balls 20/14
50 OHS 95/65
100 Pull-ups
1,000 M Run as a team
*Reps can be divided as needed, each athlete must do at least 1 rep of every movement

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