We will be participating in the 31 Heroes WOD this year on August 5th. 31 Heroes is a fundraiser honoring the Special Operations and Navy Seals that were KIA On August 6, 2011.  America lost 30 military service members and one military K9– when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, was downed in Afghanistan.

Similar to MURPH, if you want a shirt you need to order them ON YOUR OWN. You can do so here .  The event and shirts are not related to Fight Tonight.  Shirts are optional and not required to participate in the event on August 5th.

E2OM 16-
1 High Hang Clean, 1 Hang Clean, 1 Clean
*choose your own weight, add weight as needed

Double Under
Burpee to Plate
OH Lunge with Plate 45/25.

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