170628- Post 1RM Celebration!

Athletes, Today we celebrate the end of 2.5 weeks of testing your 1 rep max lifting with a famous or infamous workout in the CrossFit community:

Fran is a rite-of-passage for any CrossFitter.  It is typically a benchmark that is used when determining just how fit someone really is.  Just a few years ago an elite athlete having a sub 5:00 Fran was a great score, now those athletes have sub 3:00 Fran times because even the elite get better with CrossFit. Remember, 21-15-9 is designed to be a sprint so scale accordingly.   This should leave you On. The. Floor.  We will do this in at least 2 heats so everyone has a cheering section.  You will get a great warm up and then crush Fran with all that you’ve got. After you peel yourself off the ground you will be able to answer the most annoying CrossFit question “Hey, what’s your Fran time?”


Thrusters 95/65

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