Farewell Coach Kathy

Our favorite Olympic Lifting coach is leaving us for Chicago of all places, her family will only be there for 1 year.  The other coaches have tried to talk her into staying here for that year but seems her family is important and she needs to be with them.  If you have not had the privilege of being coached by Kathy then you have truly missed out.  Some of you may not know but Kathy was skeptical of CrossFit for a few years.  She even trained her Olympic lifts in a CrossFit gym for a few years before even trying her first WOD. It wasn’t until she moved to Seoul and the allure of the 9 AM class drew her in that she decided to give CrossFit a try.  As an athlete, Kathy is all heart!  She might hate to run but she will do it if she has to chip away at something by doing singles she will and work until the time cap if she has too.

After some convincing from the coaching staff, Kathy took her L1 and began coaching.  More than that she brought all of her weightlifting, group fitness and personal training experience to the members and coaches of Fight Tonight and made us all more well-rounded, grounded and less afraid of that dang barbell.  Kathy selflessly ran Oly clinics and meets to help teach and refine our technique and help build the confidence of our members both new and old.  Even today when someone executes a flawless Clean and Jerk or Snatch the first thing they blurt out is “Did Kathy see that?!” and you can often hear members repeating the mantra of their coach “You will never make that lift if you don’t get under the barbell”.

Kathy, we will all take your coaching tips and technique with us and continue to build on the skills you have taught us and forever ask “what would Kathy say?” when asking how our lifts look.  But more importantly, we will always remember that “It is not a failure, it is just another way not to do something”.

Kathy’s Farewell WOD
4 Rounds
9 Clean and Jerk 135/95
21 DU
400 M Run

-rest 3 mins-

4 rounds
9 Snatch 115/75
21 DU
400 M Run

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