**Saturday after the WOD, let’s mobilize! Fellow FTCF athlete Chris, a CF Level 1 and CF Mobility coach will work with us after the WOD to introduce some mobility principals. Mobility, often overlooked, after those soul crushing WODs, can help us feel better the next day, and aid in taking us to the next level as athletes. Chris plans on running us through some WOD specific mobility, followed-up by a mini-clinic on general mobility and some tricks and remedies we can incorporate into daily life — at home, the office and the box.**

Athletes, If you were not able to find your 1RM Snatch yesterday work with your coach and use the first part of the class to work on that.  Today’s WOD should be all strict movements if you need to scale your option is to lower weight or add support not to push press/push jerk or kip/butterfly your pull ups.


Coaches choice for core/mobility/skill


30-24-18 reps of:
Weighted step ups, 24/20″
Men 50-pound dumbbells
Women 35-pound dumbbells

15-12-9 reps of:
Strict Shoulder Press, 115/75

9-6-3 reps of:
Strict Pull-up

*Start the clock & do 30 step-ups, 15 press, 9 pull ups, then 24 step-ups, etc.

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