Farewell WOD for The Bush’s

Tomorrow is a special edition of FTCF we will be having 2 WODS!  Our regular Friday morning 8 and 9 am classes will take place with the WOD posted below (to find out the WOD for Matt and Ali you got to show up).  Friday evening at 6 PM we will be doing a special Farewell WOD to send off 2 of our own, Ali and Matt, Team Bushy.  They will still be around for a few more weeks so you still have time for one last sweaty hug.

The Bush’s have been a fixture at Fight Tonight for the past 2 years.  Both starting as remarkable athletes and growing into competitors, coaches, and an affiliate manager.  Jared knew what he was doing when he handed the box over to Ali last year.  We were able to watch her grow from an already impressive athlete into a regionally dominating force making it to the Asia championships 2 years in a row, and topping the podium at GirlFit 2 years in a row! Ali is proof that even the good athletes get better with hard work and persistence.  Her own personal experiences growing as an athlete translated into how she ran FTCF.  She knew in order to make us better she would need to take us out of our comfort zones, push us, test us, and yes sometimes make us question her. We cannot argue with the results.  In the year we have been under Ali’s programming we have all grown as athletes.  Because of her love of competition, we have competed for the first time, because of her willingness to try new things we have all done things we had never heard of (candlesticks or deck squats, anyone) because of her desire to get stronger we have all been able to put our names on that PR board.  Don’t let her ‘Minnesota Nice’ fool you, this girl is no joke and we are all so much better and fitter for being able to train under her.

Matt is the supportive husband behind Ali, more than that he is her workout partner, coach, and motivator.  Aside from being Ali’s biggest fan, he is one reason Fight Tonight was able to participate in so many events.  Without question, Matt was going to judge GirlFit, help out at fundamentals, design t-shirts to raise money, and plan an in-house ThrownDown in the middle of their PCS.  He is more than just a behind the scenes support guy, Matt has been a key to the success of Fight Tonight.  We have been able to bear witness to his perfect Dave Castro impressions earning the nickname “Matt Castro” and if you are lucky you might have been able to catch some of his impeccable sarcasm.  Matt’s increases in strength, gymnastics, and even mobility are a direct reflection of his dedication to Fight Tonight and CrossFit.  I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that he’s got the hots for his workout partner, I mean just look at these two.

Team Bushy will leave a Kansas-sized hole in our hearts as they head back to the States. We know they will both continue to grow as athletes, pushing each other and cheering us on from a distance. We will continue to compete with Ali’s spirit in mind and channel our inner Matt Castro next open season.

5 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-ups
10 Tuck ups
20 Sec Hollow hold

20 min Amrap
15 Cal. Row
15 Toes to Bar
15 Wall Balls (20/14)

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