Rep The Box was an amazing success! We had ridiculously amazing support from our volunteers which made the event run seamless and AHEAD of schedule, which never happens in a competition.  Our athletes also represented.  Ali took 1st and Tiffany took 2nd in the RX division, Jessica Doerr took 2nd and Michelle Nelson took 3rd in the scaled division.  Great job all around!

Today we re-test pullups starting with max effort strict pull-ups resting as needed and then max effort kipping pull-ups. This is coupled with an awesome benchmark, ‘Jackie’ be sure to note your time and any scales used so you can note your progress the next time we do Jackie be sure to note any improvements you make today as well. Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

ME Strict Pull up Rest as needed then ME Kipping
*compare to April 3rd.

1000M Row
50 Thrusters 45/35
30 Pull-ups
*refer to March 9th and Aug 24, 2016″

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