It is the start of the farewell WOD season. Although she won’t be leaving until next month we get to sweat it out and say good-bye to another weeknight warrior, Lisa.  She is as fierce as a feline when it comes to CrossFit. She can do anything and does it all with great technique. Until she see’s a cat, then all bets are off, but chances are she and said cat are now friends.  Lisa is as strong as she is stubborn fighting for every last rep of a HSPU or Snatch.  She is just as though physically as she is mentally she never quits, pushes harder than most and is leaving us to attend graduate school in the fall. Although mostly quite, your presence will certainly be missed.  The entire Fight Tonight Family wishes you luck in your next chapter. cat

Lisa’s Farewell WOD:
Teams of 2

Partner 1-Run 400M
Partner 2 while partner is running-
12 Power Snatch 95/65
25 DU
Score is total number of rounds and reps

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