Reminder: We will be doing a quick-run 1 time only special PINK FTCT Tanks, Tee’s and baseball shirts.  All funds raised will go to BrightPink.Org. All shirts are $25 payable to us when shirts arrive. 

Women’s TanksBright Pink Fundraiser Shirts

Men’s Baseball and Tee Shirt

*T-shirt are the only one that includes youth sizes. If ladies want a baseball shirt you will need to order the appropriate men’s size.*


There is no prescribed weight for this WOD.  Select a weight for the OHS and FS that is heavy but not impossible, you should be able to do sets of 5.  If you can do more than that it is too light, less, too heavy.  Your weight will be based on the hardest movement and will be the same for both movements.  If you will be scaling pull-ups today try a new scale.  If you always use bands try ring rows with your feet elevated, let your coaches help you with new, challenging scales to help improve your pull-up skills.

Run 400M
25 OHS
Run 400M
25 T2B
Run 400M
25 Front Squat
Run 400M
25 Pull up
Run 400M
25 Ab mat sit ups
Run 400 M
TC 45 mins

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