170313 Score Submission 17.3

Athletes, those that completed 17.3 have done some great work. We have had a handful of PRs during every event so far! Reminder that daylight savings happens in the States tonight so all scores need to be submitted BY THE ATHLETE via the CrossFit Games website NLT 9AM on Tuesday the 14th.

We will dedicate Monday to the Open and completing 17.3. Those who do not yet have a score will take priority over those wanting to re-do their workout.

Judging times will be as follows:

Monday morning- Inside starting at 0800 until complete
Monday evening – Inside starting at 1800 until complete

If you have already completed 17.3 you can use this day to up your cardio game by running a 5k or improve your range of motion by working on mobility or better yet do both!


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