As we have mentioned in prior posts, there are no scheduled classes today as we will have to dedicate class times to The Open. Athletes, it is expected to be cold! Therefore judging times are pushed a little later or starting earlier so we can try and take advantage of the sunlight and “warmer temps.”  Please do your best to arrive at the beginning of the judging slots.  Judging times are as follows:

Monday 0900-until complete and 1630-until complete

There will NOT be a 0745am class on Monday.

M,T,W we are unable to host CrossFit inside because the CrossFit room is closed. We are cleared to workout outside on M,T,W, however, the weather is suppose to be cold at the beginning of this week.  If the weather is projected to be below 40degrees during class times, then class will be canceled.  PLEASE STAY TUNED TO THE WEBSITES POSTS AS WE WILL ANNOUNCE IF CLASSES WILL PROCEED FOR FOLLOWING DAY (as in Monday evenings post will announce if classes will be a go for Tuesday…).  So if class should cancel, I will still provide you with workouts that you can do on your own in the cardio room (yes, cardio and family room are open on M,T,W) or over at Trent.
Also, fantastic job on 17.2! Lots of PRs happened and it was very exciting to be a part of. I know some athletes were a little bummed about their score because they didn’t reach their goal they had set, but take a moment to reflect back and see how far you have come. Some of you just got your toes to bar, so be proud of the reps you did get after putting a lot of tension on those shoulders in the weighted walking lunges just before. Just remember that if you are going to compare, do not compare to others but only to your “yesterself.” If you continue to keep coming back again and again, consistently moving forward to reach your goals, then there really is no comparison. You all are working so hard and it really is showing. So keep it up as we move forward and await to tackle 17.3!

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