170121 Coach Beal Going Away WOD


Although we do get Coach Michelle a few days after this, she will be leaving us all too soon.  She really has made a huge impact on the Fight Tonight CrossFit community both as an athlete and as a coach.  This is what I mean…

“Michelle- I will never be able to eat strawberries and not think of you. Your culinary delights, tenacious energy in the gym, boundless bravery and quick wit will leave a lasting impression on me. If ever in a WOD where I’m not sure how to pace myself I will forever ask ‘What would Michelle do’ and push harder than I thought I could.” -Beth

“See ya later, Michelle B. I have only known you a short time, but you will not be forgotten. For starters, you are an inspiring CF athlete, so strong and determined. You will make a great coach too! And more importantly, you are an all-around good person. I appreciate your kind and genuine personality. Wishing you all the best on your new adventure. I hope our paths cross again one day.” -Brandi Hobbs

“While at my new box here in Hawaii, I’m constantly looking for someone as friendly, strong, and empowering as you are. You’re a great person, mother, friend, coach, and athlete. I will be forever greatful for the day you jumped in to act as a mama bear when I took a trip to 121 CSH. Your next CF family will be lucky to have you!!!”- Hannah S.

“Michelle – the thought of you leaving makes me so sad!! I can’t imagine not having your contagious energy and positive personality at class!!! You always push me to do better and go faster!! You’re strength and endurance are always so fun to watch during a WOD, you are such an inspiration!! You are such a treasured friend to me & I hope our paths cross again!! You will be missed dearly. One more thing…I’ll never do another scaled toes to bar or a single under without thinking how you would look at me like that wasn’t ok😂 “-Stefanie C.

“Michelle aka “the Chosen One”. I’m going to miss watching you kick ass!! No one does ground to overhead in Allstars like you do. You are truly inspiring and I’m so happy our paths crossed. Good luck on your future endeavors. See ya later. 💕” -Sheree

“Michelle you will definitely be missed. I really enjoy your encouragement, positive attitude, and never give up mentality. Safe travels and good luck on your next adventure.” -Onique

“All though I missed the opportunity to experience your coaching, I know that I learned from you by working out with you! You’re a fantastic athlete with an awesome sense of humor which equals a fabulous You!! Here’s to hoping the Army stays small and I’ll get to see you soon!” -Kelly Day

“Michelle my “Crossfit Mama Bear”! You were one of the first to welcome me to the Fight Tonight Family and have been encouraging me ever since! Your endurance and strength are inspiring! I will miss your awesome playlist, your motivation and silliness. I will not however miss your spitting on my ear, lol! You will missed and I know Washington is gaining an awesome coach whever you decide to teach. Safe travels!” -Leila

“There are so many things that pop in my head when I think of Michelle Beal.  First I have been so impressed as I watch your journey with crossfit.  From day 1 till now, it is AMAZING.  This is what crossfit and especially Fight Tonight is all about.  You are our “poster child!”  Because of you I pushed harder, laughed more, cooked better, got some gainz, had a work out buddy, tried something new, was part of a winner team, learned extreme persistence and determination, and got a lifetime friend.  I am a better today because I got to be a part of your time in Seoul!  You truly inspire me and everyone around you.  I will miss you something fierce at the gym but look forward to seeing more of your journey and where it takes you.  Watch your back I am going to beat your time!”
-Tiffany Anderson
“Michelle, Thank you for believing in me when I was was down and out. Thank you for pushing me to emerge as a champion. One day I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “because of you I didn’t give up” and yes because of you Michelle I didn’t give up on those god damn T2B . Safe travels! See you later 💪🏼” -Susie
“Michelle, Thank you for taking the time and patience to coach us newbies. It’s not easy to feel comfortable around seasoned athletes, but your calm presence made us feel at ease. It was awesome seeing you gently coach and then totally killing a WOD! Sad that our time was short, but hope we cross paths again.” -Jeewon
“When I think about my time here at Fight Tonight, you are there from the very beginning. You are probably the most determined and positive person in the gym that I know. You always push yourself to do your best and it pushes us all to do our best. You have set and achieved goal after goal, and it has been so inspiring to watch! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work out along side you. I wish you and your family all the best in your next adventure!” -Michelle Nelson
“Michelle, thanks to your *very aggressive* encouragement, I didn’t quit 16.5 last year when I desperately wanted to!! You are badass – you don’t quit and you don’t let anyone else quit either. Also, thanks to your coaching, I’ve finally started getting better at double unders! Thanks Michelle & you’re leaving too soon!!” -Kacie
“Michelle, Thank you for believing I could do things that I swore I could not (like handstand push-ups) Whether it’s spin or Cross Fit, you encourage us to travel out of our comfort zones and make real progress. I’ll miss class with you and being coached by you. You are fierce, Wahine! Best of luck in Washington! A hui ho malama pono” -Rachael

“Michelle, I went to my first and only (so far) spin class because of you…. right after crossfit. Everything ached and I was silently dieing, but you got me through it. Thank you for sharing your energy with us all.” -Emerald

“Michelle, I had the honor of starting CrossFit with you here at Fight Tonight. How amazing it’s been to see how far you have come in the last (almost) two years! I love our deep chats, your sense of humor and your willingness to always cheer everyone on! Here’s to you, my friend, you truly are one of my faves, and you will be missed. P.S. I am still waiting to see a wedding picture of you in your denim and fringe wedding dress… and throwing in a Glamour Shot photo of yourself would go a long way in easing the pain of you being gone!!!” -Darla

“TeamBeal for life! Thank you Michelle for your awesome personality and motivation. I still remember making extra laps during relay for life just so we could continue to talk. Your words are very inspiring and you remind me that there is a beast in me and I am stronger than I ever imagined. You have shown me that strong comes in all shapes and sizes. As a curvy girl I never thought I would enjoy fitness so much or have so much non judgemental support. Thank you and keep on keeping on…..One of these days I’ll do the Whole 30…One of these days. I will miss you 😢” -Angie

“Your passion and perseverance was inspirational. Thank you for your mentorship and dedication to each of us! You will be missed!” -Heidi

“The 9am class just won’t be the same without you! When I was just starting out you convinced me to go to spin after a killer WOD. I didn’t think I could make it but I did and it was there that I realized that I could push my body farther and step out of my comfort zone. So thank you for that!! You are always there to help, to cheer us on and to celebrate with us when we learn a new “trick”. Watching you own WODs is so inspiring! I want to be you when I grow up! I will miss you my friend!!!” -Elizabeth

Thanks for all you have done for FTCF. You are truly a inspiration. Team Beal will miss you. Michelle quotes: “what was your time, dang girl that was beast mode, dang 1 rep.” -Taka

“Michelle, thank you for always making class fun. Your personality alone just puts a smile on everyone’s face. You are such a huge part of this crossfit group and you’re going to be greatly missed. You always kept me motivated. You never stop cheering people on. Your dedication and drive are amazing. You inspire me so! I hope one day to cross paths again and WOD with you.” -Diana

“Hey there, “Thumper”! You are awesome and we are gonna miss having you as a rabbit to chase in the gym. Thanks for always opening up your home to us and being a great friend, motivator, and coach. Keep up the good work!” Love, Bridgett Choe

“I’ve been gone for some time now but it hasn’t been the same without your cheery upbeat personality and pretty smile. You always know how to pick people up when they are down on their luck (or PR) and push them to be their best. From the day I met you, you were one of my favs. I mean shit how could you not be you’re Michelle freakin Beal! I did my first spin class because of you and man did you kick my ass. Not only did you pop that cherry but you convinced me to do my first solo competition. Had you not broken out of your comfort zone along with me I may still have not done one and I will forever be grateful. I’m blessed to have crossed paths with you and hope to meet up again in the future. I wish you all the best on your new chapter. Good luck my friend!!!! Xoxo
PS Fuck Burpees! 😉” -Jessica Dass

“Girl, just WOW! You had a goal when you started Crossfit and you not only killed it, you became a coach and inspired all around you to become their best self. Your positive vibe was just what I needed at 9am. Even when people wanted to be grumpy you just kept right on being you – funny and uplifting – all the while crushing those WODs. You inspired me to get back on that spin bike even after an intense WOD. I went home from those workouts wanting to collapse, but knowing you were going home to teach your kid and support your hubby’s troop motivated me to do the same. In short, you’re IN-FREAK’N-CREDIBLE!!! I and countless others are better off having known you. Love and miss you, my friend ❤” -Roxanna

“Michelle, even though you weren’t an official “coach” while I was there, you were always a coach to me! I can’t think of a workout you weren’t there to help me, push me, and even stay late to work on something with me. Especially when it came to burpees – you trying to keep up with Jess, me trying to keep up with you, Jess just flying up and down like a bird!!! Thank you for being such a positive person! Your next box is lucky to have you! Best of luck on your new adventure!” – Chrissy

“Michelle, you’re an amazing athlete and a wonderful person. I miss you and wish you and your family a easy and peaceful move. Until we meet again, my friend! Xo” -MaryKate

“Michelle – Unfortunately I didn’t get the pleasure of being coached by you as long as everyone else, but was still able to benefit from your contagious work ethic, positive energy, and motivation. Any time I compete, I will think of you and how inspiring you were during GirlFit. I woke up the next day with a sore throat from screaming for you. You never gave up and you gave it all you had and then some. Very admirable and inspiring. Best of luck in Washington!” -Jessica Doerr

“Michelle, you have set the bar high and have been an inspiration to me. I will especially miss seeing you at the 7:45 a.m. class! I remember you telling me last year I needed to stop doing singles unders and transition to doubles and that was the boost of confidence I needed to push myself harder at least until I became too pregnant haha! You always give 110% of yourself to the workout and as a coach. Thank you for all your encouragement during the WODS! You will be very much missed! ❤” -Joanna

“Michelle, You are my idol, every time I feel like I am too old or I feel like oh it is just my age, or I can’t do that at my age I think of you and remember that you can do everything the young ones can do! You set a goal in what you want and you get it. I am so sad I did not get to know you better. You are such an inspiration! You keep driving hard and being the Amazing person, that you are! Have a blast with your coaching! Until we meet again! You will be missed! God Speed! ❤” -Leah

“Michelle, if you were to stop CrossFitting today and I kept CrossFitting for 30 more years I would still not equal your awesomeness. However, it is your rational assessment of things and calm, intelligent advice that I will miss the most. Your genuine care and concern for everyone you come in contact with is so apparent! Fight Tonight may be losing it’s greatest advocate and cheerleader. I will miss you but I’m sure I’ll be messaging you weekly, asking you about something! I’m excited for you and your family and what the future will bring!!” -Kathy

“Who in the hell is going to get my weights organized for me now that you are leaving????? Honestly, I’m so grateful that we were put here together. For so many reasons, I will miss you more than words can express.” -Lilla

“Michelle, you are truly a friend for life! I’ll miss you dearly” -Chris

“Michelle – Thanks for being such a positive influence in the weight room! Your confidence and determination will always give me something to strive for. Enjoy your new post! We will all miss you!” – Lisa B.

These posts say it all and how absolutely inspiring she has been and continues to be for our community.  Michelle, although there are a lot of words to describe you (all good ones, I swear), the first two that comes to mind is that you are a strong and solid woman.  Strong in the sense of mentality, focus, drive, and physically. Um, you’re a beast! Solid in the sense of support and loyalty.  All the characteristics that make up an amazing athlete and an even more amazing friend.  When I had thought about throwing in the towel, thinking I’m not doing things right, you were the one telling me that I could do this and I would kick ass doing it.  You have a way of encouraging and motivating me that most can’t. You have pushed me both in the gym as an athlete and as a person and I am truly grateful.  I wish you and your family nothing but the best!

So if this post was too long for you to read in one sitting, take a look at these pictures.  They describe everything about Michelle perfectly.



In Teams of 3-4

3 rounds for time of:
Row, 500 m
25 Kettlebell Swings 53/35lbs
15 Floor Press 95/65lbs
7 Bear Complexes, 95/65 lbs

*Waterfall. You can not advance to the next movement until the person in front of you has finished.

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