Friday, November 11th, we are hosting the WOD For Warriors Veterans Day WOD at 0900 sharp. THERE WILL BE NO 0745 CLASS.  Check out the event on our Facebook page to register.  We will have a chance to compete for Top Gym. Take a look:

Top Gym

This year, gyms will be competing against each other for total repetitions completed. To be entered, each gym must post on their Crowdrise page, the entire gyms rep count across all workout variants for all participants by Nov 13th at 11:59pm. More participants=more reps…and veteran and military reps count double, so be sure to find the veterans in your community and invite them to join you! The winning gym and two runner-ups will receive a prize package from Rx Equipped. Every rep counts!

Saturday, November 19th is the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K at Collier. This will be the WOD scheduled for the day as we will get a 5K benchmark time as well a great opportunity to participate in community events. Registration opens at 0800 and the race begins at 0900. SAVE THE DATE!

Take 15min to warm-up to todays DL weight in the WOD

E2M for 30M (5sets)
Alternating between:
8-10 BodyWeight DL or 70% of 1RM DL (BigDawg: 1.5XBodyWeight DL for 5-8r)
Parallette Shoot-throughs 10reps
3 Wall Climbs

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