161105 Jareds Going Away WOD


Its that time where we have to say our “see ya laters” to one of own.  Coach Jared will be making his way to Alaska all too soon. Never an easy thing to do, but we do tend to do it in style by sweating and suffering together in his going-away-WOD.

We all know Jared has a major passion for human movement.  You can hear it in his voice when he coaches, making us athletes do some pretty interesting things in order to have better control and awareness of our bodies (I’m thinking somersaults, cartwheels, and inverted burpees to name a few). BUT those are EXACTLY what we need to do as athletes in order to progress as overall better movers.  That has been Jared’s goal for his athletes, and I know personally for me, as well as a majority of FTCF, we are better athletes because of him.  Best of luck to you in Alaska Jared!  You will be missed!

In 10min:
Find Max Snatch + OHS

9 Rounds
8 2-for-1 WB (16/10)
7 Ninja Burpees
6 Hang Power Clean + Press (115/75)
5 T2B + Pullup Complex

***Every 3min 15r DL

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