160924 Hike Day!


Tomorrow is the day! A fun filled day of hiking Mt. Gwanaksan with Fight Tonight CrossFit Community! Wear comfortable hiking attire, bring snacks and a light lunch if preferred. This can be a kid friendly event however it will be at your own discretion. There are shorter trails or you can always turn around if need be, but the group will continue to move on at the average pace set.
Meet at the turnstiles/where you scan your subway card by exits 2&3 at 8am!
I personally will be parking near the on-post visitor gate (Gate 13), so if anyone wants to walk with me to the meet up point, be near the visitor sign in area by 7:50am and we can walk down together!

My phone number just in case is 010-7234-5770 or Kakao ID: abush14

Any other questions just let me know! See you all there!


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